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Ad Title: Director of Marketing, Communications and Community Relations
Contact: Human Resources
City: Canton
State: OH
Zip: 44702
Website: visit our website...
PURPOSE: Responsible for overall brand management of StarkMHAR in the community as well as support of strategic planning within the organization.

1. Responsible for developing and implementing a unified StarkMHAR communication/marketing strategy and budget which addresses the overall brand management of StarkMHAR (stigma reduction, liaison with internal and external stakeholders, promotion of programs/services, promote community value/involvement, etc.) and supports the organizational strategic plan; Ensures StarkMHAR is using cutting-edge communications and marketing tools and strategies; Work with individual internal program/organization leadership to help attain their goals as related to marketing and communications; Leads all communication activities for StarkMHAR including media relations, internal communications, sponsorships, and events, community activities, and overall brand management;

2. Serves as department head and directly supervises the Marketing Manager in job functions; Participates as active member of executive management team;

3. Spearheads future levy efforts; Plans, implements, and manages levy renewal project including but not limited to promotion, fundraising events, volunteer events, etc.;

4. Serves as organization’s Public Information Officer; Sunshine Laws apply to organization;

5. Serves as StarkMHAR staff liaison to the bi-monthly public open meetings of the Community Affairs Committee of StarkMHAR; Prepares agenda, approves minutes and assists the committee chair in reporting activity at monthly StarkMHAR Board meetings;

6. Speaks/presents on behalf of StarkMHAR as well as developing a robust speaker’s bureau and speaking engagement schedule;

7. Develops and capitalizes on opportunities to provide information to diverse media outlets via news releases, on-air shows and discussion, feature stories, video-taped segments, etc. thus enhancing StarkMHAR’s reputation with media when searching for experts in the fields of mental health and recovery issues;

8. Assist the Executive Director in developing and executing a strategic plan for the organization including assistance in developing organizational and individual goals; establish a review process to track progress to date; establish a dashboard to measure progress against goals; Board/strategic planning session efforts; assist Executive Director in training staff;

9. Act, along with the Executive Director, as StarkMHAR interface to influential state and local elected officials; Supports government affairs activities on behalf of StarkMHAR;

10. Assist Executive Director in responding to community crises; Responsible for implementing organizational crisis communication plans as needed and updating communication planning documents;

11. Partners with StarkMHAR Care Network providers and community partners, when appropriate and tied to StarkMHAR interests, to assist in favorable community awareness of mental health and addiction recovery; Plans and manages all programs and events designed to promote StarkMHAR and improve its overall profile in the community;

12. Participates as an active member in community and local and state organizations to further the agenda of StarkMHAR and to continue to seek education opportunities to further marketing and communication knowledge base;

13. Coordinates efforts to establish and implement stigma reduction campaigns and measure change in public perception for social stigma as related to mental health and addiction issues;

14. Develop and produce needed print collateral and digital materials to enhance marketing efforts including but not limited to the annual report to the community, a provider directory, e-newsletters, and robust paid and organic social media platforms;

15. Oversees direction and digital content for all StarkMHAR-related websites and social media accounts and platforms; Oversees development of StarkMHAR’s Social Media Policy and Procedures; Develops and monitors social media presence during and beyond work hours; responds to comments and crises as they are presented;

16. Networks with other directors and communicates Board programs’ progress to the community;

17. Must work congenially and cooperatively with co-workers and the public.


Education, Training and/or Experience
Undergraduate degree in journalism, communications, graphic design, or related field plus six years’ experience in public relations and marketing profession;
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personal Characteristics;Knowledge of advanced news writing, reporting and editing, photojournalism, graphic design. Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts & draw valid conclusions; handle sensitive inquiries from contacts with officials and general public; write and/or edit articles for publication; prepare and deliver speeches before specialized audiences and general public; use proper research methods in gathering data; Proficient in use of computer; internet; web-based programs. Prefer at minimum intermediate proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite programs.

Nature of work requires ability to operate standard business office equipment. Requires ability to communicate and exchange information, collect, compile and prepare work documents, set-up and maintain work files. Travel by automobile may be required on a regular basis.
Majority of job requirements are performed in an office setting. Regular local travel. Occasional in state and out of state travel may be required;

This job description is not intended to be a complete list of all responsibilities, duties or skills required for the job and is subject to review and change at any time, with or without notice, in accordance with the needs of Stark County Mental Health and Addiction Recovery. Since no job description can detail all the duties and responsibilities that may be required from time to time in the performance of a job, duties and responsibilities that may be inherent in a job, reasonably required for its performance, or required due to the changing nature of the job shall also be considered part of the jobholder’s responsibility.

Pre-Employment Screenings: The final applicant selected for this position, prior to hire, will be required to submit to a drug test for illegal drug use. The test site shall be chosen and paid for by the Board. An applicant with a positive test result will not be offered employment. Applicant will also be subject to a criminal background check paid for by the Board.

Salary Range: StarkMHAR Grade 7 $67,200 – $100,800. Suggested Starting Range $67,200 – $79,800
• An appropriate combination of education, training, course work and experience may qualify an applicant to demonstrate required knowledge, skills, and abilities that could qualify for a higher starting salary.

Hours: M-F 8:00 am -5:00 pm. Travel by automobile is required regularly; Additional/irregular hours may be required
Application Deadline: Until Filled

Apply online at
Attention: Human Resource Department
Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery
121 Cleveland Ave SW, Canton, Ohio 44702

Ad Title: Opioid Project VISTA Leader
Contact: Liz Henrich
City: Columbusus
State: OH
Zip: 43215
Phone (W): 614-224-1111
Website: visit our website...
Ohio Statewide Opioid Project VISTA Leader

you interested in helping to develop solutions for Ohio’s opioid epidemic, supporting VISTA members, and building a successful statewide VISTA project? This is the VISTA Leader position for you!

The Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities (OACBHA), is looking to recruit and host a VISTA Leader to help coordinate a new statewide project to address Ohio’s opioid epidemic. The VISTA Leader will work in close partnership with the OACBHA VISTA project director to develop and implement a 29 member VISTA project. The VISTA Leader will work to enhance the VISTA experience for all OACBHA connected sites, projects, and members.

This will be an outstanding opportunity to connect with local and statewide organizations doing cutting edge work to address one of Ohio’s leading health crises, the opioid epidemic. The VISTA Leader will work in partnership with several County Hubs working to combat opioid addiction along with statewide and community organizations working on the front lines of the opioid crisis. The VISTA Leader will play a key role in helping to create a supportive, encouraging environment in which VISTA members and their host sites can effectively and meaningfully develop capacity and sustainability regarding the community response to the opioid epidemic throughout Ohio. Activities will include: recruitment and ongoing support of new VISTA members, training and development of VISTA members; organizational and project development; ongoing member support; and project compliance.

The VISTA Leader assignment would be best served by someone with excellent organizational skills and an understanding of or interest in Ohio’s opioid epidemic.

Applicants must have already served at least one year as an AmeriCorps Member, VISTA Member, or NCCC Team Member.

Should you have question, or need more information please call
Liz Henrich at (614)224-1111.

The full detailed posting is available at:

The posting includes more information about this VISTA Leader
position and a description of the VISTA benefits.